MEKKARA Architectural Consultants are Chartered Architectural Technologists in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. As a Practise we provide quality service in architectural design, professional expertise and overall value:

• Measured Surveys of existing structures
• Feasibility and Sketch Studies
• Planning Permission Drawings and Submissions
• Building Regulations Drawings and Submissions
• Detailed working drawings and Tendering package

The Typical Sequence of our Architectural Services are as Follows:

Meeting With The Client & Appraisal To Obtain Clients Brief
We will visit you in the comfort of your home for a free initial design consultation to discuss ideas and the feasibility of your scheme. Planning permission is not always needed and the vast majority of homes have permitted development rights. We can investigate and advise upon the permitted development rights of your home during our visit. There may be further information required and in some cases, we may need to consult with your local authority or submit a pre-application report to ascertain your schemes feasibility and likelihood of approval.

Feasibility Study.

We analyze and study each project individually and advise the feasibility and a rough cost estimation and our fees to carry out the job.

Carry out Survey of Property
If you are happy with our proposals and decided to appoint us, we will conduct a measured survey of the property and produce a proposed design scheme for your information and approval.
Prepare and Submit Full Planning Application

Once the client is happy with the proposals , we will go ahead and produce the full set of drawings required for planning submission. Our CAD drawings will be submitted electronically to the relevant Local Authority. We will always liaise with the Local Authority planning officers to ensure that the application has the best chance of success. We cannot guarantee the planning permission but our success rate is very high. We will submit your application with all the necessary forms, drawings, statements and calculations.

Building Regulation

Building regulations are entirely separate from Planning Permission. All extensions, conversions and structural alterations require building regulations approval for the work you are carrying out. Once the planning permission is granted MAC will produce all the building regulations drawings and specifications. If Structural details and calculation are required, we will obtain structural details from structural Engineer and submit it for building regulation. You don’t need structural calculations for all extensions and the structural engineer’s fee would be separate from our fees. We can act as your agent and submit the application to Building Control and liaise with them to gain the required Building Control approval. All extensions, conversions and structural alterations require building regulations approval for the work you are carrying out. Building regulations promote standards for most aspects of a building's construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings.

Prepare Detailed Design Drawings

Once the planning permission and building regulations approval is attained, we will then produce complete set of detailed construction drawings for tendering and construction purpose. We can also help you contact a builder to tender for your project from our builders register.

Party Wall Act

This legislation is to protect neighbouring property from any damage that may arise when construction work is carried out. The Party Wall Act covers more than work on walls shared with neighbouring property. It also includes excavation and construction of foundations close to neighbouring property. You are required to give your neighbour(s) notice of intended work and if they have no objections you should obtain written confirmation from them a minimum 2 months prior to work commencing. If you are unable to get their agreement, you will need to commission a party wall award, which we can help you with. We will assist to issue Junction notice to neighbours.